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Professor Mark Bradley develops microscopic probe for monitoring patients' lungs

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HeadlineProbe which aims to detect lung disease is developed in Edinburgh
MediumBBC online
Date of coverage3/06/13
HeadlineMicroscopic probe developed to help doctors locate lung infections
MediumSTV online
Date of coverage3/06/13
HeadlineFibre optic tool will help patients breathe easier
Date of coverage4/06/13
HeadlineScots develop tiny fibre optic probe to save lives of babies
MediumThe Daily Express
Date of coverage4/06/13
HeadlineUniversity to develop tool to find lung disease
MediumThe Herald
Date of coverage4/06/13
HeadlineDocs' bid for lungs life-saver
MediumThe Daily Record
Date of coverage4/06/13
HeadlineCritically ill patients to benefit from lung probe
Date of coverage3/06/13

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