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  1. Prof Bruce Whitelaw (Roslin) welcomes ethical oversight in human embryo modification

    15/02/17: (AFP (France)) (The Straights Times (Singapore))

    Press clipping: Expert Comment

  2. Andrew Jackson identifies mutations in gene that cause dwarfism

    14/02/17: (China Biotechnology Information Network (China))

    Press clipping: Research

  3. Genetic links to male baldness revealed by Dr Riccardo Marioni

    14/02/17: (BBC Radio 4) (BBC Radio Scotland ) (Radio NZ (New Zealand)) (Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News (USA)) (Medical News Today online) (ATS (Switzerland)) (African Manager (Tunisia)) (Canoe Infos (Canada)) (Ladepeche.fr online (France)) (L'Expression (Tunisia)) (NBC News (USA)) (The Jerusalem Post (Isreal)) (ABC.es (Spain)) (La Voz Digital online (Spain)) (LiveScience.com (USA)) (Pakistan Observer (Pakistan)) (WebIndia123.com (India)) (IANS (India)) (Business Standard (India)) (Siasat Daily (India)) (Daily Post (India)) (The Tribune (India)) (L'Express (France)) (El Heraldo (Colombia)) (Discovery Channel (USA)) (20 Minutes (France)) (Press Trust of India (India)) (Economia y Negocios Online (Chile)) (Health24.com (S Africa)) (Medical Daily (USA)) (The Mercury (Australia)) (I4U News (USA)) (Le Scienze (Italy)) (Top Sante (France)) (Le Huffington Post (France)) (Slate.fr (France)) (Futura-Sciences (France)) (Passeport Sante online (France)) (The Gympie Times (Australia)) (Newser (USA)) (FOX News online (USA)) (ANSA (Spain)) (Invasor (Cuba)) (AFP (France)) (Eurpa Press (Spain))

    Press clipping: Research

  4. Emile Chabal (History) analyses Marine Le Pen’s presidential hopes

    13/02/17: (The Hindu (India))

    Press clipping: Expert Comment

  5. Lucas Lombriser (Astronomy) probes what’s driving accelerated expansion of Universe

    10/02/17: (Fars News Agency (Iran)) (I4U News (USA)) (DNA India (India)) (Press Trust of India (India)) (Business Standard (India)) (The Tribune (India))

    Press clipping: Research

  6. First-born children have advantages over siblings, finds Dr Ana Nuevo-Chiquero (Economics)

    10/02/17: (Medical Daily (USA)) (Newser (USA)) (NewKerala.com (India)) (Businsess Standard (India)) (Asian News International (India)) (WebIndia123.com (India)) (Siasat Daily (India))

    Press clipping: Research

  7. Gerhard Anders (African Studies) writes on efforts to prosecute public figures in Malawi for fraud

    8/02/17: (African Arguments online) (All Africa (S Africa))

    Press clipping: Expert Comment

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