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Prof Andrew Liddle

Personal Chair in Theoretical Astrophysics

  1. Cosmologists Professor Andrew Liddle and Dr Marina Cortes suggest the universe isn't flat but curved

    11/09/13: (FoxNews online) (LiveScience.com) (Nano Patents and Innovations) (Spektrum der Wissenschaft) (Libertad Digital) (Futura-Sciences) (okezone.com) (ABC) (Scientific American) (Ciencia Kanija) (Pueblo en Línea) (People’s Daily Online) (Le Point) (JERUSALEM) (China Economic Times) (Voices Online) (China Economic Net) (Heilongjiang People's Channel) (Xinhua News) (Archduke Technology) (Bei Guo - Liaoning News) (Enorth) (Reference News) (World Wide Web) (Enorth) (Sciences et Avenir)

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