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Personal Chair in Scottish Ethnology

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Gary West

  • School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures
Postal address:
50 George Square
Celtic and Scottish Studies
United Kingdom


Master of Arts

University of Edinburgh

Award date: 1 Jan 1988

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

University of Edinburgh

Award date: 1 Jan 2000

Research output

Jock's Jocks: A One Act Play

West, G. 11 Nov 2016

The Noble Instrument: Youth Piping

West, G. Jun 2014 Scottish Life, 19, 2, p. 12-13 2 p.

Flooers o Edinburgh Concert

West, G. May 2014

Piping Past, Present and Future Concert

West, G. May 2014

The Noble Instrument: Pipe Major Donald Macleod

West, G. Apr 2014 Scottish Life, 19, 1, p. 12-13 2 p.

Mastery of Scottish Arts Concert, WA, USA: Concert

West, G. Feb 2014

Far Far From Ypres: Songs from the First World War

West, G. Jan 2014

The Noble Instrument: The World Pipe Band Championships

West, G. Nov 2013 Scottish Life, 18, 4, p. 12-13 2 p.

The Noble Instrument: The Lowland Bagpipe Revival

West, G. Sep 2013 Scottish Life, 18, 3, p. 12-13 2 p.

Oral Testimony

West, G. 1 Aug 2013 Scottish Life and Society: Compendium of Scottish Ethnology : An Introduction to Scottish Ethnology. Edinburgh: John Donald Publishers Ltd, Vol. 1

Ethnology and Heritage

West, G. Jun 2013 Scottish Life and Society: A Compendium of Scottish Ethnology. Veitch, K. & MacKay, M. A. (eds.). Edinburgh: European Ethnological Research Centre with Birlinn Press, Vol. 1

Voicing Scotland

West, G. May 2013

Mastery of Scottish Arts Concert, WA, USA

West, G. Feb 2013

The Noble Instrument: End of an Era

West, G. Jan 2013 Scottish Life, 18, 1, p. 12-13 2 p.

'A Guid Hairst': Collecting and Archiving Scottish Tradition: Essays in Honour of Dr Margaret A. Mackay

Campbell, K. (ed.), Lamb, W. (ed.), Martin, N. (ed.) & West, G. (ed.) 2013 Maastricht: Shaker Verlag. 323 p.

Airs From Your Elbow

West, G. 2013

Flooers o the Forest: Songs and Music of Flodden

West, G. 2013


West, G. 2013 'A Guid Hairst': Collecting and Archiving Scottish Tradition: Essays in Honour of Dr Margaret A. Mackay. Campbell, K., Lamb, W., Martin, N. & West, G. (eds.). Maastricht: Shaker Verlag, p. 1-7 7 p.

The Jedburgh Ba Game

West, G. 2013

The Noble Instrument: The Northern Meeting

West, G. Dec 2012 Scottish Life, 17, 4, p. 12-13 2 p.

The Noble Instrument: Donald MacPherson

West, G. Sep 2012 Scottish Life, 17, 3, p. 12-13 2 p.

The Noble Instrument: John Burgess

West, G. Jul 2012 Scottish Life, 17, 2, p. 12-13 2 p.

The Noble Instrument: Gordon Duncan

West, G. Apr 2012 Scottish Life, 17, 1, p. 12-13 2 p.

Scottish Military Music

West, G. 2012 A Military History of Scotland. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, p. 648-668 20 p.

Voicing Scotland: Folk, Culture, Nation

West, G. 2012 Edinburgh: Luath Press. 186 p.

The Noble Instrument: Queen Victoria and the Atholl Highlanders

West, G. Dec 2011 Scottish Life, 16, 4, p. 12-13 2 p.

Piping and the Folk Revival

West, G. Nov 2011 Tis Sixty Years Since: The 1951 Edinburgh People's Festival Ceilidh and the Scottish Folk Revival. Bort, E. (ed.). Ochtertyre: Grace Note

School of Scottish Studies 60th Anniversary Concert

West, G. Jan 2011

Hamish Henderson and the Piping Tradition of the North-East

West, G. Aug 2010 Borne on the Carrying Stream: The Legacy of Hamish Henderson. Ochtertyre: Grace Note, p. 103-113 10 p.

A Rough Guide to Scottish Folk: Volume 2

West, G. & Stewart, W. 2010

Pibroch: The Company's Lament

West, G. & Downie, K. 2010

Gordon Cottage

West, G. 2009


West, G. & Stewart, W. 2009

An Historical Ethnography of Rural Perthshire, 1750-1950: Farm, Family and Neighbourhood

West, G. 2007 Lampeter: The Edwin Mellen Press. 311 p.


West, G. 2006 Scottish Life and Society: Domestic Life. Tuckwell Press Ltd, Vol. 6, p. 562-580 18 p.


West, G. 2006 Scottish Life and Society: Domestic Life. Storrier, S. (ed.). Tuckwell Press Ltd, Vol. 6, p. 120-133 13 p.

Sir Walter Scott

West, G. 2005 Enzyklopädie des Märchens: Handwörterbuch zur historischen und vergleichenden Erzählforschung. Berlin: Walter de Gruyter GmbH, Vol. 12, p. 461-465 5 p.

Royal Scottish Pipers' Society Recital

West, G. 2004

The Piper and the Maker

West, G. 2004

Lands and Lyrics: the Dynamics of Music and Song in Rural Society

West, G. 2003 In : Review of Scottish Culture. 15, p. 57-66 9 p.

Learning Locality: Inter-generational Narratives of Place and Belonging in a Scottish Local Education Project.

West, G. 2003 In : The International Journal of Learning. 10, p. 3229-3241 12 p.

Cleveland Heights

West, G. 2002


West, G. 2002

Saligo Bay

West, G. 2002

The Coupit Yowe

West, G. 2002

The Islay Ball

West, G. 2002

The Plummeting Piper

West, G. 2002

Oral Testimony and the Hearth: Custom, Belief and Superstition in the Scottish Tradition

West, G. 2001 The Hearth in Scotland Scottish Vernacular Buildings Working Group Regional and Thematic Studies . Edinburgh: Scottish Vernacular Buildings Working Group, Vol. 7, p. 88-99 13 p.

Conceptualising Neighbourhood: Charity Labour Gatherings in Rural Perthshire, 1850-1950

West, G. 2000 In : Scottish Studies. 33, p. 132-144 12 p.

Horse Whisperers with Songs to Sing

West, G. 2000 Scotland's Story, 42, p. 14-15 2 p.

Life on the Land

West, G. 2000 Scotland's Story, 45, p. 21-23 3 p.

Music that was Instrumental

West, G. 2000 Scotland's Story, 40, p. 16-18 3 p.

The Rural Revolution

West, G. 2000 Scotland's Story, 51, p. 14-15 2 p.

Who Will be Ceilidh King of the Riddles?

West, G. 2000 Scotland's Story, 44, p. 8-9 2 p.

A Clear Day's Dawning: Music for a New Parliament

West, G. 1999

Cairn Water

West, G. 1999


West, G. 1999

Working Shifts

West, G. 1999

An Unfair Dance

West, G. 1993

Seeds to the Wind

West, G. 1991

Not the Bunnyhop

West, G. 1989


The Dr Alan Bruford Memorial Lecture

Gary West (Speaker), 27 Oct 2015

Peer Reviewer

Gary West (Member), 2014 → …

Review of Scottish Culture

Gary West (Editorial board member), 2014 → …

Survival and Revival in the Lowland Piping Tradition of Scotland

Gary West (Speaker), 2014

National Council Member

Gary West (Member), Nov 2014 → …

External Examiner, Irish Folklore

Gary West (Member), Oct 2014 → …

Keynote Lecture: Understanding Scotland Musically: Can We? Should We?

Gary West (Speaker), Oct 2014

Perth and Kinross Council

Gary West (Trainer), Feb 2014, Perth and Kinross Council

The Nation: Live

Gary West (Speaker), Feb 2014

Board Member

Gary West (Member), 2013 → …

Classics Unwrapped

Gary West (Interviewee), 2013

Imagining Scotland

Gary West (Speaker), 2013

Perth and Kinross Council

Gary West (Participant), 2013, Perth and Kinross Council

PhD Examiner

Gary West (Examiner), 2013

Ratcliff Prize for Contribution to Folk Life

Gary West (Recipient), 2013

Scotland 2014 Workshop, BBC, London

Gary West (Speaker), 2013

Voicing War

Gary West (Speaker), 2013

Public Lecture

Gary West (Speaker), Dec 2013

Western Isles Council

Gary West (Trainer), Sep 2013, Western Isles Council

Keynote Lecture, Open Fields Conference, Edinburgh

Gary West (Speaker), May 2013

The Future of the Arts in Scotland

Gary West (Speaker), May 2013

Chair of National Review of Music Sector in Scotland

Gary West (Host), 2012 → …

Commemorative Plaques Expert Adjudication Panel

Gary West (Advisor), 2012

International Journal of Historical Archaeology

Gary West (Peer reviewer), 2012

PhD Examiner

Gary West (Examiner), 2012

Phd Examiner

Gary West (Examiner), 2012

Steering Group for a National Sound Archive for Scotland

Gary West (Advisor), 2012 → …

Radicalism in the Traditional Arts

Gary West (Member), Nov 2012

Voicing Scotland

Gary West (Speaker), Aug 2012

Chair of Board of Trustees

Gary West (Member), Jun 2012 → …

Folklore and Ethnology in the 21st Century: the View From Scotland

Gary West (Speaker), 2011

Manx Studies Programme

Gary West (Examiner), 20112014

Travelling Folk

Gary West (Interviewee), 2011

Vancouver Morning Radio Programme

Gary West (Interviewee), 2011

Annual Keynote Lecture

Gary West (Speaker), Dec 2011

Board Member

Gary West (Member), Jun 2011May 2014

Keynote Lecture, Annual Conference

Gary West (Speaker), Mar 2011

Just For Gordon Television Documentary

Gary West (Interviewee), 2010

Member of Peer Review College

Gary West (Member), 2010 → …

PhD Examiner

Gary West (Examiner), 2010


Gary West (Member), 2010 → …

Oral History Training

Gary West (Trainer), Jan 2010, Oral History Training

Ashgate Publishing

Gary West (Peer reviewer), 2009

The Reel Blend

Gary West (Interviewee), 2009

Béaloideas: The Folklore of Ireland Society Journal

Gary West (Editorial board member), 20082011

Scottish Studies

Gary West (Editorial board member), 2008 → …

External Examiner of Performance

Gary West (Examiner), 20072011

Scottish Studies Programme

Gary West (Examiner), 20072010

Vice Chair

Gary West (Member), 2007 → …


Gary West (Editorial board member), 20062010

PhD Examiner

Gary West (Examiner), 2004

Presenter of Pipeline

Gary West (Interviewee), 2003 → …

Keynote Lecture: Balmorality

Gary West (Speaker), 2002

Presenter of Pipeline

Gary West (Presenter), 2002 → …

Scotland's Folk Culture

Gary West (Speaker), 2002

Winner of Michaelis Jena Ratcliff Prize for Folklife

Gary West (Recipient), Jul 2001

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European Ethnological Research Centre

West, G., Mulhern, M. & Veitch, K.


£689,556, Other

European Ethnology Research Centre

West, G.


£1,198,250, UK-based charities

The moorings of the Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border

West, G.


£6,000, UK-based charities

Voicing Ben Lawers: the oral history & tradition of North Lochtayside

West, G.


£11,755, UK-based charities