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Prof Simon Maxwell

P Chair Student Learning (Clin Pharmacology and Prescribing)

  1. Prof Simon Maxwell comments on risk linked to combination of anti-depressants and painkillers

    15/07/15: (Edinburgh Evening News) (The Scotsman)

    Press clipping: Expert Comment

  2. Prof Simon Maxwell says patients at risk from too many prescriptions

    6/06/15: (Daily Mail) (The Daily Telegraph) (Daily Mirror)

    Press clipping: Expert Comment

  3. Prof Simon Maxwell comments on preventative use of statin drugs

    12/02/14: (The Times)

    Press clipping: Expert Comment

  4. Professor Simon Maxwell evaluates effectiveness of various medical treatments

    20/12/11: (The Daily Mail) (The Irish Daily Mail)

    Press clipping: Research

  5. Comment by Professor Maxwell on research revealing how painkillers could increase the risk of heart attacks or strokes

    11/01/11: (The Daily Mail) (Plus News Pakistan (Pakistan)) (E-Healthline) (The Vancouver Sun (Canada)) (Bloomberg) (BBC online)

    Press clipping: Research