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Prof Vernon Gayle

Chair of Sociology and Social Statistics

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My work involves the statistical analysis of large-scale and complex social science datasets. These datasets include both social surveys and administrative data resources. The analysis of longitudinal (i.e. repeated contacts) data is an area in which I specialize. The main substantive focus of my work is social stratification. I have particular interests in the sociology of youth and youth transitions, education and sport. I also have interests in demography, with a focus on migration, and to a lesser extent fertility. I have also undertaken work in the area of digital social research. My methodological research focuses on a range of challenges, which include topics such as quasi-variance estimation, missing data and multiple imputation, and the graphical representation of data. I am attempting to promote the ‘Public Awareness of Social Statistics’.

Research activities & awards

  1. Graphs and Graphical Representation in Stata

    Activity: Participation in conference, seminar or training courseProfessional Development and Training

  2. Gentle Re-Introduction to Statistical Concepts & Tests for Administrative Data Research

    Activity: Public engagement and outreachPublic lecture/debate/seminar

  3. Producing publication-ready graphs in Stata

    Activity: External academic engagementResearch and Teaching at External Organisation

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Research projects

  1. Centre for Population Change II

    Project: Funded ProjectResearch

  2. National Centre for Research Methods 2014-2019

    Project: Funded ProjectResearch

  3. Aqmen Police Crime and Intelligence Analyst Training.

    Project: Funded ProjectResearch

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