Antoine Adamantidis

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Hosted Prof. Dr. Antoine Adamantidis.

"Optogenetic dissection of sleep circuits and functions" by Prof. Dr. Antoine Adamantidis.
This lecture aims at presenting our experimental investigation of the wiring, firing dynamics and plasticity of the neural circuits regulating brain states in normal and pathological states using in vitro and in vivo optogenetics combined to genetics and electophysiological methods. The lecture will include hot topic questions such as What define a sleep/wake circuit? What is the relevance of neural discharge rate in controlling sleep-wake states ? How neural circuits in the brain support memory-consolidation during sleep ? The lecture will highlight the identification of hypothalamic and thalamic circuits controlling rapid-eye movement (REM) sleep and arousal, and septo-hippocampus circuit supporting theta rhythm generation and contextual memory consolidation during REM sleep. Prof. Dr. Antoine Adamantidis, University of Bern, Department of Neurology, INSELSPITALOPO E, Room 2163010 Bern.
Period8 May 2017
Visiting fromUniversity of Bern (Switzerland)