"As Slowly As Possible": A Symposium of the Association for the Study of Arts of the Present

Collins, R. (Speaker)

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Stolen Voices: A Slowly Expanding Eavesdrop on the East Coast of the UK Stolen Voices uses listening as both a methodology and as a material. It is a research enquiry which uses eavesdropping to physically mine specific geographical locations for ‘sonorous data’. The use of sound and voices is derived from a process of ‘listening in’ to consider their overlooked potential for the creation of performance and the construction of a research investigation focused on the act of listening as both a spatial practice and as something that is necessarily collective. A core motivation for the listening itself is a semi-fictional story we tell ourselves (and anyone else who is listening): some ‘event’ has taken place along the East Coast of the UK and we have been tasked with the job of figuring out what that is. While the outline of the event may be difficult to pin down, the urgency of investigation is fuelled by concrete concerns: the uncertain future of the UK’s relationship to Europe; the effects of climate change on coastal landscapes; the waning of industries like manufacturing and coal extraction; the rise of global shipping infrastructures. By using a semi-fictional framework, we move away from mapping techniques like data-sonification and towards a methodology that embraces gaps and inventive excesses. Unfolding over a number of years, in response to what we hear, the investigation necessarily proceeds slowly, in the opened up and hollowed out spaces of ‘sonorous time’ (Jean-Luc Nancy, 2007) . At its core, Stolen Voices is a research enquiry which asks: what is listening and what makes a listener? How can listening attune us to the complexities of contemporary political, economic, ecological and social processes? What kind of structures got us to where we are now, and how do we seek out levers for change? How do the rhythms and atmospheres of specific geographic locations inform, reveal and snitch on history? Part performance, part methodological exposition, this paper invites you to listen in on a sequence of eavesdropped extracts from the East Coast of the UK. Link to performance extract: https://soundcloud.com/stolen-voices-895422176/stolen-voices-aberdeen-episode Link to project website: www.yourstolenvoice.com
Period24 May 201826 May 2018
Event typeSymposium
LocationAmsterdam, Netherlands