COe – Cultural Emissions Europe: From Ecocriticism and the Posthuman to Roberto Esposito

Activity: Academic talk or presentation typesInvited talk


ABSTRACT – Europe has taken a major ideational hit in recent years. In most scientific quarters, in the Humanities especially, the Old Continent now stands for what is implodingly wrong with the present time (Braidotti 2013; Haraway 2016), its mention triggering the urgency of the need to “delink”, to disassociate first and foremost “from within” (Latour 2017). Given this tense scenario, it is all the more timely that in his recent work, especially in “A Philosophy for Europe: From the Outside” (2018), Roberto Esposito should address the crisis of Europe through the canonical spatialities of European thought, seeking affirmative contamination with an outside, while inviting us to be better conversant with the resources within, such as those of Italian thought (Esposito 2012). Critically for this paper, the ongoing demotion of Europe out and in there finds in Esposito a resilient opponent ready to engage in far-reaching dialogue from in here, and it is the aim of this presentation to set out on this sensitive journey with a view to extracting a portable Esposito, not unlike the portable Braidotti of nomadic theory (Braidotti 2011). An emergency ration, as it were, for the tough explorations ahead.
Period5 Nov 2021
Held atRochester Institute of Technology, United States, New York
Degree of RecognitionInternational


  • Contemporary Philosophy
  • Italian Philosophy
  • Crisis Discourse
  • Europe: Crisis and Renewal
  • Ecocriticism
  • Posthuman
  • Roberto Esposito