Collaborative Improvisation within a multi-media project

Activity: Academic talk or presentation typesInvited talk


Creative Practice in Contemporary Concert Music Distributed Creativity workshop Raymond MacDonald gave an account of a creative project, Space is the Place, in which he is involved as a creator/performer. The project is a collaboration with the sculptor Martin Doyle, the filmmaker David MacKenzie, and Ray as musician; it involves work towards an installation at the Glasgow Tramway Theatre (to be delivered in 2012) that utilises their improvised collaborations in music, sculpture and film. The project involves all three artists producing work with one another in each of the three media - functioning both as 'experts' in their own domains and 'experimental novices' in the other domains. All three collaborators have worked with one another in various dyadic combinations over a significant period of time, but have never before all worked together. Ray gave a vivid account of the processes by which they got to know each other's artistic domains (including a significant period of time at a hotel in Beirut), and then proceeded to a more sustained description and discussion of some of the musical creation that the project has so far involved - a combination of freely improvised material (by all three collaborators) and studio transformation/juxtaposition of those materials. The discussion explored some of the questions about expertise and judgement, discrimination and artistic authority that this shifting combination of creative inputs provoked. The presentation also raised questions about the relationship between practice and research: what considerations are involved in Ray being both a psychologist/researcher and a creative collaborator in this artistic enterprise?
Period5 Sep 2011
Held atUniversity of Oxford, United Kingdom