Confraternity of Neoflagellants | Listaháskóli Íslands

Mulholland, N. (Invited speaker), Norman Hogg (Invited speaker)

Activity: Academic talk or presentation typesInvited talk


10:00 Friday 30th September 2016 Listaháskóli Íslands 11, Þverholt, Reykjavík, 105, Iceland Neomedievalisms are cultural practices that breathe a bouquet of premoderns as permanent rehearsals of coming events. To the medievalist, medievalisms provide powerful indexes that reveal how post-medieval societies have variously imagined ‘little middle ages’ to suit current agendas. To the neomedievalist, however, medievalisms are theory-fictions that facilitate ludic speculation on non-modern futurities. Given its nonmodern condition, contemporary artistic practice has as much in common with the stasis of the middle ages as it does with the avant-garde of the 20th century. This lecture will present some of the ways in which The Confraternity have developed neomedieval materialisms with their own nonmodern lexicon, dense hypereconomic practices that combine production, transfer, consumption, humilitas and virtus. The Confraternity will transfigure four scripts-into-flesh: When Transfiguration Became Commonplace, Thekarites, Mobilitas Loci (Muller Ltd.) and Let us know about anything wrong, or anything you don’t like about this review, and you could win a $50 Amazon voucher! The Confraternity will also elaborate some of their curatorial projects (‘Thekaries’ / ‘Bokes’) and ways in which the quasi-neomedieval practices of their peers adopt ‘backward-thinking’ to develop possible premodern futures through a visceral, indulgent, lavish, liturgical and ludic materialism. Biog: The Confraternity of Neoflagellants was founded in 2009 by Serjeant-At-Law Norman Hogg and joined by Keeper of the Wardrobe Neil Mulholland. It is a secular and equal opportunities confraternity bound by chirograph. The Confraternity are lay peoples dedicated to the ascetic application, dissemination and treatment of neomedievalisms in contemporary culture. They employ distributed methods of production and exhibition and diverse post-media narratives to produce works by contemporary and fictitious artisans, journeymen, hosts, anchorites, avatars, Sherlockers and hyper-economists. As neomedievalists living in Scotland and Québec, their work is co-fabricated in a cloud-workshop over long mid-Atlantic days. It emerges from this tumescent circadian rhythm in the intermedial form of books, zines, videos, artefacts, paintings, articles, talks, performances, parties, academic papers, shops, music… and has featured in a wide range of galleries, artists’ books and academic journals, traversing the disciplines of contemporary art and medieval studies. Their theory-fiction thN Lng Folk 2go: Investigating Future Premoderns™ was published by Punctum, NYC (2013). Their recent work Mobilitas Loci, was commissioned for the artist Amanda Beech’s bookwork CAVEAT EMPTOR, LGP, England (2016). @neoflagellants Norman Hogg is an artist and theorist completing his PhD on Neomedieval Aesthetics at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Society & Culture, Concordia University, Montréal. Neil Mulholland is Professor of Contemporary Art Practice & Theory and Dean of Postgraduate Studies, College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, The University of Edinburgh.
Period30 Sep 2016
Held atIceland Academy of the Arts, Reykavik. , Iceland
Degree of RecognitionInternational