Does student competence and confidence in calving cows improve after implementation of a calving simulator as part of a blended learning approach?

  • Jayne Orr (Speaker)
  • Kelly, R. (Contributor)
  • Monika Mihm Carmichael (Contributor)

Activity: Academic talk or presentation typesOral presentation


New graduates are challenged by problem calvings often presenting as emergencies. Case exposure and thus practice opportunities are limited during the veterinary programme; however, this is a Day 1 skill. The overall educational aim was to explore whether student learning is consistently enhanced by a blended approach which combines online video resources (CAL) with calving model simulator practice (SIM). Here we are presenting three years of data on student attainment of skills and, importantly, confidence levels, evaluated via OSCE (n=298) and self rating numeric scales (n=280), respectively.
Multivariable logistic regression identified teaching modality, gender and OSCE assessor as influencing OSCE pass rates (PRs), but not cohort year. Univariate analyses showed 1. delivery of either CAL, SIM, or CAL&SIM (blended )in addition to respective lectures in Years 1-3 doubled the OSCE PRs, with the blended approach leading to highest rates; 2. PRs were highest in students declared male; and 3. peer and external assessors had higher rates than internal staff.
Multivariable logistic regression identified teaching modality, continent of origin and BEFORE confidence ratings as improving confidence level for calving in all or in specific tasks during the calving, but not cohort year. Univariate analyses showed that only the SIM delivery enhanced calving confidence levels by 8-10%, with no advantage of the blended approach.
In conclusion, the blended approach appears to be of benefit to pass a calving OSCE, however, the actual technical simulator training is required to boost self declared confidence of veterinary undergraduates when faced with a cow calving.
Period7 Jul 2022
Event titleVetEd: VetEd Symposium 2022
Event typeConference