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Genetics Society Newsletter, Issue 75, July 2016 ‘Coming of Age: The Legacy of Dolly at 20’ Interview with Professor Sir Ian Wilmut. The Genetics Society News, by Dr Kay Boulton and Dr Doug Vernimmen Dolly the Sheep was the first animal to be successfully cloned from an adult cell. She was born in 1996 at The Roslin Institute, now part of the University of Edinburgh and, after being revealed to the world in February 1997, rapidly reached celebrity status. This year, The Roslin Institute and the MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine are marking the 20th anniversary of Dolly’s birth and the scientific breakthrough that she represents with a series of events. This includes the scientific symposium ‘Coming of Age: The Legacy of Dolly at 20’, to be held on 2nd September 2016 at The Roslin Institute. The symposium will offer a unique chance to reflect on both the research which led to the birth of Dolly and the impact that she has had in the fields of mammalian cloning, genetic engineering, nuclear reprogramming and regenerative medicine. Professor Sir Ian Wilmut, who led the research that produced Dolly, will launch the symposium with a keynote lecture. He will be joined by an exciting line-up of early career researchers and highly esteemed international speakers: Professor Shinya Yamanaka (Nobel Prize Laureate 2012, Kyoto University), Professor Marius Wernig (Stanford University), Professor Hans Clevers (Hubrecht Institute), Professor Paul Tesar (Case Western Reserve University), Professor Angelika Schnieke (Technical University Munich) and Professor Goetz Laible (AgResearch New Zealand). As part of our Dolly@20 celebrations, Professor Sir Ian Wilmut has kindly agreed to this interview for the Genetics Society Newsletter.
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