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Inuit foundation Sweden - research visit and workshop

Inuit foundation work with artistically talented individuals with intellectual disabilities and individuals within the autismspectrum. Inuti has four studios in the center of Stockholm. Inuti Lilla Essingen and Inuti Södermalm with a closeby projectstudio, PS2 (projectstudio 2) and Inuti Västerbroplan. Inuit foundation runs an outreaching activity, with exhibitions, projects and workshops. They often work together with professional artists and artisans, artinstitutions and museums. They aim to interact in society and cultural life through artevents, arranged by us or others. They are part of European Outsider Art Association (EOA), as well as a Nordic network and other national networks. Our big international network opens new doors to the world around us. It enables travelling and exchanges between the members. Inuti also has an art gallery, Inuti Galleri, and an art collection, Inuti Collection, containing more than 400 interesting pieces of art made at the Inuti studios. The collection is unique in its kind in Sweden. The art in the collection is regularly exhibited and is also available at their homepage as well as for research.
Period12 Jun 201714 Jun 2017


  • art brut
  • outsider art
  • mental health
  • art therapy