Not so green and pleasant? Measuring and mapping the state of English urban greens space, for CABE Space. (Research Team: C. Ward Thompson, S. Bell, P. Travlou and J. Roe).

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The largest study of its kind in England, the collaborative Community Green project investigates the inter-relationship between urban green space, inequality, ethnicity, health and wellbeing. Published by CABE Space in July 2010, it is the companion piece to an earlier study, Urban green nation: Building the evidence base, carried out by the School of the Built Environment at Heriot-Watt University. Collectively, the studies asked: What existing evidence do we have on the quality of England’s urban green spaces? How can we use this information to best illustrate the current state of the nation’s urban green space and to track and monitor trends over a longer time period? Do people living in urban deprived areas in England suffer from a poorer quality of environment? Why is quality of urban green space important and significant for people living in these areas? What are the implications of these findings for policy makers, local government and practitioners?
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