Postcards from the Ongoing Investigation: Stolen Voices with Jan Mertens

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Lights Out Listening Group is a unique listening event that takes place in almost complete darkness. Normally, we are based upstairs at the old hairdressers in Glasgow. For the foreseeable future our special Lights Out Lock Down editions will take place online as live streams.

Stolen Voices with Jan Mertens
Title: Postcards from the Ongoing Investigation (2019)
Synopsis: Stolen Voices uses ‘eavesdropping’ to explore the East Coast of the UK. Since 2014 artists Rebecca Collins and Johanna Linsley have been listening in on political, social and cultural dynamics; industries and infrastructures; contested histories and futures that are under negotiation. The work imagines public spaces as semi-fictional constructions, as if an Agatha Christie novel has shattered over a town and evidence got caught in the local soundscape.
Duration: 4:10
Part of a whole album available online [free access] with extended liner notes here: More details about the work here: ‘Stolen Voices is a Slowly Unfolding Eavesdrop on the East Coast of the UK’ [open access]
Biography: Stolen Voices is a collaboration between Rebecca Collins and Johanna Linsley, artists and researchers based in Edinburgh and Dundee, respectively. Jan Mertens is a musician and sound designer from Ghent, Belgium. The Stolen Voices album was mastered by Adam Matschulat. Flora Pitrolo acted as production consultant. We are grateful to each of them for their time, skill and listening. We dedicate this track to ‘The Team’.
Rebecca Collins: @CollinsRebeccaL
Johanna Linsley: @j_h_linsley
Period3 Jun 2020
Held atLight Out Listening, United Kingdom
Degree of RecognitionInternational


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