School of Arts, Jozef Kluyskensstraat 2 9000 Ghent

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sound in new media, a course forming part of the EPAS (European Postgraduate in Arts: SOUND)

Are you curious about the opportunities and challenges presented by the shift from linear sonic experiences to more dynamic ones? Ever wondered what the impact the system you’re using has on the sound you make? Are you bothered by the plethora of output formats your sound work may need to conform to in the future, how will you gather, store and catalogue your materials? Are you concerned with the concept of a ‘new media’ and how old this phrase sounds? What other words should we be using to describe our contemporary fascination with technology? These questions and others will frame this encounter with sound and new media. We’ll look at software and style, performance and non-linear composition from a range of perspectives and use these discussions to hot-house new work using a range of tools. The workshop may lead to sound-based apps, games, sonic art, or a ensemble-led live performance to picture.
Period18 Nov 201620 Nov 2016
VisitingSchool of Arts, Jozef Kluyskensstraat 2 9000 Ghent


  • sound art
  • experimental sound
  • electronics
  • performance and sound