Steering Group for the Stroke Association’s Priority Setting Partnership

Activity: Consultancy typesPublic Engagement – Work on advisory panels for social community and cultural engagement


• setting up a Steering Group (SG) that includes people affected by stroke and HSCPs, and some of the organisations that can reach out to them, and developing partnership relationships with other organisations;
• gathering questions that people affected by stroke and HSCPs think research should answer, through online survey and other methods, aiming to reach those people whose voice is seldom heard (e.g. black, Asian and minority ethnicities);
• checking the evidence base to see whether any of the questions have already been answered, and removing those;
• asking people affected by stroke and HSCPs to rank the remaining questions, usually through online survey; and
• at least one final workshop where people affected by stroke and HSCPs arrive at the top 25 questions through a consensus approach.
Work forStroke Association, United Kingdom