Tiago Torres Campos

Activity: Hosting a visitor typesHosting an academic visitor


Geologics: Landscape Experiments:
Contemporary territories in the twenty-first century face increasingly adverse Anthropogenic climate change. Landscape and architectural design practices need to consider once again fluidity and instability as intrinsic conditions of these territories, both locally and globally. They are always already an entanglement with exponentially unstable planetary conditions in the Anthropocene.

Geologics advocate for landscape and architecture to become productive mediations between city and geology. They propose a reconfiguration of urban territories as resilient hybrid possibilities that forge existence among dissonance, heterogeneity, and conflict. Geologics encourage architectural expansion towards more fluid practices for thinking with and feeling through the contemporary city as a forcefully unstable geologic becoming. They operate as a threshold between resilience to exponentially accelerated change and large-scale geoengineering. And they propose alternatives for ‘staying with the trouble.’1

The lecture will discuss the island-city of Manhattan as an experimental and conceptual laboratory of ideas. It will showcase interrelated experiments, the stories that motivated them, and what they may instigate. The experiments are an invitation to position architectural practice as a way of noticing and bearing witness of territorial and landscape conditions through light and dust, rock and water, stillness and vibration. They aim to disrupt conventional readings of the city and forge a journey through which a new city emerges. With an intricate connection between image, text, and installation, they are an open invitation to radically interconnected imagination.
Period20 Jan 2022
Visiting fromRhode Island School of Design
Visitor degreeAssociate Professor
Country/TerritoryUnited States