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  • Robert Gillan (Supervisor)

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Scottish Academy of Fashion "Beggs of Ayr Project"

This proposal is focused on the immediate priority identified by the company executive at the meeting, to develop from existing sample prototypes, a Collection of 6 woven scarves and 6 print designs to paper/digital image stage, which are contemporary in design and quality, and targeted at the luxury fashion market for June 2010 launch. SAF understand that the following key factors are fundamental to the project success: Key objectives To build on design innovation and design capability utilising the existing weave production and finishing resources and the outsourcing of digital print. To further advance initial fabric prototypes with design content for the luxury fashion accessory market. To further develop an understanding of a Collection showing coherence of design, balance and choice for the targeted customer base. To liaise with the company’s Design and Marketing Strategy co-ordinator at all stages of the development. To increase sales to key European Fashion Houses such as Hermes and Louis Vuitton Key Outcomes. A collection of 12 scarves that demonstrate design innovation and quality, aimed at the luxury designer accessory market. A cohesive collection with a brand image that could attract new as well as sustaining existing business in the luxury fashion market. Demonstrate new thinking and approaches within the company in designing for the luxury fashion target market. Build on existing communications for successful design and product development across the business Thirteen printed textile designs were bought by Beggs of Ayr at the conclusion of this project. Innovation Voucher obtained through Interface. Project was supervised by myself and resulted in 13 designs being purchased by the company. MA students Lynsey Orr and Janet Gourlay were paid for their input.
PeriodJun 2010
Held atUniversity of Edinburgh, United Kingdom