cited by Alex Salmond during yesterday’s FMQs

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      The First Minister: Well, I have to say that the people of Scotland who are watching will not believe that a David Cameron Government is worth keeping for Scotland. We have had substantial evidence from the social attitudes survey that having a sterling union is the overwhelming choice of the Scottish people. We have also had—[Interruption.]
      The Presiding Officer: Order.
      The First Minister: We are advocating a currency union because we think that it is in the best interests of the people of Scotland. A majority in that survey also believe that that is what will happen after independence, and they are right to believe that, because we know the consequences of the unionist parties attempting to keep all the financial assets of the UK for themselves. If they keep the financial assets, they end up with the liabilities—they end up saddled with the UK’s debt.

      Period14 Aug 2014

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      Media coverage

      • Titlecited by Alex Salmond during yesterday’s FMQs