Co-Creating a More Equitable Future of Digital Education

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'For educators who feel that everything they love about teaching has been thrown away, this episode offers insights to help navigate the current turmoil in higher education by learning how universities can design a more equitable future of digital education to continue to serve teachers, students, staff and the local community. Our guest today is Michael Gallagher, lecturer in Digital Education at the University of Edinburgh, co-programme director of the MSc in Digital Education and a member of the Centre of Research in Digital Education. Michael works on digital education projects in sub-Saharan Africa (Nigeria, Tanzania, and Uganda) and often collaborates with INGOs. He has been awarded The University of Edinburgh Principal's Medal for 2020 for his outstanding contribution to support the university during 2020. This is a rare conversation with a researcher and a teacher who wants to positively influence people’s view of what teaching can be, what teachers are and what role they serve in digital education.'

Period25 Mar 2021

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