Dr Claudia Pagliari calls for progress in patient record access.

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Article by journalist Pennie Taylor, summarising the 2015 eHealth Scotland conference.

Dr Claudia Pagliari gave a plenary speech on Personal Health Records, discussing their status in Scotland and worldwide, current research supporting their use, and challenges with implementation and uptake. She pointed to the value of giving patients access to their health data and called on the Scottish government to accellerate its efforts to achieving this in time to meet the goals of the Digital Agenda for Europe, which includes a commitment to delivering patient access by 2020. 

From the article:

“Dr Claudia Pagliari, Senior Lecturer in Primary Care at the University of Edinburgh, is an expert in analysis of eHealth risks and benefits. She acknowledged that while the data ecosystem is growing, some clinicians are cautious about widespread adoption of the personal health record (PHR). “The evidence base for the PHR in terms of prevalence and impacts is weak,” she said. “There is some work taking place in Europe, but none in Scotland.” 

Period15 Mar 2015

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Media coverage

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TitleeHealth Scotland Conference
LocationGlasgow, Glasgow, United Kingdom
Period25 Feb 2015 → 26 Feb 2015


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