Drug consumption rooms and better drug treatment are 'necessary' to save lives, says study

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Anna Ross, senior teaching fellow in health and social sciences at the University of Edinburgh, also backed calls for drug consumption spaces, and drug checking, as well as widening out of heroin assisted treatment, which has been trialled as part of a small Glasgow pilot project and is currently being evaluated. 

But she claimed that societal changes were also needed. “The deaths to me are indicative of wider societal ills, where people on the margins do not see a role for themselves and feel hopeless in the face of daily trauma,” she added. “That trauma stems from the policies of policing drugs, the institutions that ‘treat’ as well as the communities in which many find themselves in.”

Period7 Jun 2023

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Media contributions

  • TitleDrug consumption rooms and better drug treatments are 'necessary' to save lives, says study
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    DescriptionScottish drug users must be given better access to treatment to prevent drug related deaths according to a new study, which also claims consumption rooms and safer supply initiatives are needed to save lives.
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