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Media contributions

  • TitleBringing stories to life in Auslan - Interview with Gabrielle Hodge
    Media name/outletLing Thusiasm
    Media typeWeb
    DescriptionCommunicating is about more than the literal, dictionary-entry-style words that we say – it’s also about the many subtle ingredients that go into a message, from how you keep your audience in mind to how you portray the actions of the people you’re talking about.

    In this episode, your host Gretchen McCulloch interviews Dr. Gabrielle Hodge. [...]She specialises in research relating to d/Deaf people, signed languages, and communication, and has worked with Auslan and British Sign Language (BSL) in Australia and the UK. We talk about Gab’s work analysing how people tell stories using a mixture of conventional signs (such as “book”) and enactment, aka showing what another person or character did using your body, such as depicting how someone is carrying a heavy book. We also talk about collaborations in multiple countries and assessing what makes a translation accessible to deaf people.
    PersonsGabrielle Hodge