GplusE at ISAG 2017

  • Mazdak Salavati

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The 36th International Society of Animal Genetics (ISAG) Conference took place in University College Dublin (UCD) from July 16 to 21, 2017.

This provided an open and friendly forum for the sharing of knowledge between scientists and practitioners of animal genetics applied to economically important and domesticated species.

A number of GplusE partners attended and played an active part in the conference including Chris Elsik (Missouri), Jennifer McClure (ICBF), Mazdak Salavati (RVC) and Cinzia Marchitelli (CREA). Christine Elsik presented a paper on Generating customized integrated functional annotation datasets with BovineMine (C. Elsik, D. Unni, A. Tayal, and D. Hagen) while other partners presented the following posters:

  • Whole blood RNA-Seq profiling of early lactation dairy cows of diverse fertility clusters, M. Salavati (RVC) and Genotype Plus Environment Consortium
  • Expression profiles of immune genes in milk somatic cells and MIR predicted mineral contents in milk as indicators of mastitis, C. Marchitelli, F. Signorelli, F. Napolitano, L. Buttazzoni, C. Grelet, A. Vanlierde, F. Dehareng, H. Soyeurt, M. Crowe, and GplusE Consortium
  • RT-qPCR to analyze the expression of oligosaccharides metabolism genes (ST3GALT1, ST6GALT1, LALBA and B4GALT1) during goat lactation, Crisà*, C. Marchitelli, and B. Moioli, Consiglio per la ricerca in agricoltura e l’analisi dell’economia agraria (CREA)
  • The price of looking for something no one wants to talk about: The search, quantification, and cost of genetic diseases in Ireland, J. McClure, P. Flynn, S. Waters, M. Mullen, T. Pabiou, R. Schnabel, J. Taylor, F. Kearney, R. Weld, and M. McClure


Period21 Aug 2017

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Media contributions

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