Inspiring young people to become civil engineers (and help the planet reach net zero!)

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How can we help young people to work out if studying Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) is for them?
And just as importantly, how can we help them see that pursuing a STEM career like civil engineering could allow them to play a central role in protecting the future of our planet?

For pupils in secondary school, the question of what to study can be particularly thorny because most would have had only very limited exposure to STEM by the time they are expected to choose a ‘career path’. They may not be familiar with subjects relating to STEM, what they can offer, how they can look in practice, or the ways in which they make a difference to them personally, our society and our planet.

It would be a shame if someone missed out on something that could make them happy. It would be disastrous if we missed out on new talent just because no one extended a timely invitation to consider options in this exciting and thriving sector.

Period9 Mar 2023

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Media contributions

  • TitleInspiring young people to become civil engineers (and help the planet reach net zero!)
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TitleRoutes into STEM
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