Interview on BBC Arabic on the virtual study of the Rhind Mummy

  • Elena Kranioti

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By using a range of forensic techniques, Dr. Elena Kranioti of Archaeology at Edinburgh University has been working with the NMS Mummy Project team (J. Tate and S. Kirk) to piece together evidence recorded from the new scans of the Rhind mummy. Dr. Kranioti and her team (B. Osipov, J. Ouranos) studied the virtual reconstruction of the Rhind skeleton, identified the individual as a female Egyptian between 25 and 30 years old with a stature of 158cm and produced an approximation of her face (Figure 3). Additionally to the biological information a scroll, which is believed to contain information on the identity and cause of death of the individual was discovered behind the right thigh of the mummy. Two videos with the preliminary results of the study are projected next to the Rhind at the exhibition. Dr Kranioti spoke to the team of the BBC Arabic which was broadcasted in Egypt.

Period1 Jan 2012

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Media contributions

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