Matthew Novenson interviewed for OnScript podcast on "The Grammar of Messianism"

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Period1 Oct 2017

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Media contributions

  • TitleMatthew Novenson – The Grammar of Messianism
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    DescriptionWith its messianic associations, pouring or smearing oil on the head is both foundational and divisive in Judaism and Christianity. Language about oil is—well, sorry—slippery. This is true in ancient contexts as well as modern. For instance, Trypho, a second-century Jew, is reported to have said: “The messiah, if he has indeed come and is somewhere, is incognito; he does not even know himself yet nor does he have any power until Elijah comes and anoints him and makes him manifest to everyone” (Dial. 8.4). Justin Martyr vociferously disagreed.

    In this episode, Matt Novenson helps us see that past analysis of “messiah” language has frequently contributed to the slipperiness, so new questions are needed.

    Listen in as OnScript host Matthew Bates and Matt Novenson work toward a more firm grip on messianic discourse.
    PersonsMatthew Novenson