Neil Chue Hong comments on Software Heritage and benefits of software preservation for Undark

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Expert comment on the benefits of software preservation

Neil Chue Hong, founding director of the U.K.’s Software Sustainability Institute at the University of Edinburgh, thinks preserving code is important. “Increasingly, knowledge is captured in the code and the decisions made when developing it,” says Hong, who is not part of Software Heritage — though he doesn’t think that Software Heritage will ever contain all the world’s open source code. Even the nonprofit Internet Archive, which has stored hundreds of billions of websites in various iterations of design and evolution since it began in 1996, falls short of capturing every change and iteration across the entire web. Software changes even more frequently than webpages, Hong says — though he adds that he believes archiving even a fraction of the total would still be valuable.

Period2 May 2018

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Media contributions

  • TitleA Wayback Machine for Source Code
    Degree of recognitionInternational
    Media name/outletUndark Magazine
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    CountryUnited States
    DescriptionModern digital life relies on layers of shared and dependent code that is, over time, vulnerable to deletions. Will an archive help?
    Producer/AuthorDalmeet Singh Chawla
    PersonsNeil Chue Hong