Neil Chue Hong comments on work of SSI to improve academic code for The Economist

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Quoted in article on academic code in The Economist, which appeared in both the print and online versions.

Some brave souls are, nevertheless, trying to encourage this change. One such is Neil Chue Hong, founder and head of the Software Sustainability Institute (SSI) at Edinburgh University. The SSI has the self-appointed mission (backed by government funding agencies) of encouraging British academics to code sensibly from the beginning—for their own good, as well as that of any commercial spin-offs.

Mr Chue Hong is a relative newcomer to the task of teaching good programming practices to academics, for the SSI was founded in 2010. Greg Wilson has been at it since 1998, when he started “software carpentry” workshops at Toronto University. He now runs the Software Carpentry Foundation, an international charity, but has not yet succeeded in turning the majority of computing’s academic bodgers into craftsmen. The spaghetti-untanglers, it seems, will be around for a while yet.

Period23 Mar 2016

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