Nina Rzechorzek contributes to comic about Stem Cell Research

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Hope Beyond Hype is a comic produced as part of the OptiStem project. It aims to explain the science of stem cells and depicts the movement of stem cell research towards clinical trials and therapies. Nina Rzechorzek contributed to the development of the comic, which was published in hard copy and also as an online interactive comic.

Period16 May 2013

Media contributions


Media contributions

  • TitleHope Beyond Hype - A Story Of Stem Cells From Discovery To Therapy
    Media name/outletEuroStemCell
    Media typePrint
    Country/TerritoryUnited Kingdom
    DescriptionNina Rzechorzek contributed to this comic, written by Ken Macleod, Jamie Hall, Edward Ross and Cathy Southworth for the Optistem Project.
    PersonsNina Rzechorzek