[...] In collaboration with Dr Saturnino Luz at the University of Edinburgh Usher Institute, MAL’s OSCAR data science platforms were applied to analyse Alzheimer Disease Neuroimaging Initiative blood plasma protein biomarker panel data from subjects followed over time with other tests for brain structure (images) and function (assessments of cognition). ADNI was launched in 2003 as a public-private partnership, led by Principal Investigator Michael W. Weiner, MD. The primary goal of ADNI has been to test whether serial MRI, PET, other biological markers, and clinical and neuropsychological assessment can be combined to measure the progression of mild cognitive impairment and early AD. The plasma protein data was obtained from “Biomarkers Consortium Plasma Proteomics Project RBM multiplex data,” which contains 190 proteins previously reported in the literature to be related to human pathogenesis.

Period29 Apr 2021

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Media coverage

  • TitlePredicting the onset of Alzheimer's with MAL/OSCAR
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