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Contributions to various radio programmes, including:

The Real Jesus Christ (BBC, 2002); Several discussions/interviews relating to BBC’s The Virgin Mary (2002), see above, including Sunday (BBC Radio 4, 2002); Jesus (BBC Radio 5, 2004); Excess Baggage, on the journey of the Magi (BBC Radio 4, 2006); Sunday, on Herod (BBC Radio 4, 2007); Sally on Sunday, on Herod (BBC Scotland, 2007); Herod (Premier Christian Radio, 2007); Witness, on Luke (BBC Radio 4, 2007); Sunday, on the Magi (BBC Radio 4, 2008); Sunday, on Paul (BBC Radio 4, 2008); Passion Players (RTE, Ireland, 2009); In Our Time, on Paul (BBC Radio 4, May 2010); In Our Time, on Judas Maccabaeus (BBC Radio 4, Nov 2011); Talking History (Newstalk FM, Ireland, 7th June 2015); Good Morning Scotland, on Mary Magdalene (BBC Scotland,  Mar 2016).

Period1 Jan 2002

Media contributions


Media contributions

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