Recognition Matters

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In 2019, a group of six women came together to create the Recognition Matters project. They had a shared perspective on child welfare and protection, but had arrived at this perspective in different ways. They wanted to bring together their knowledge to strengthen practice and improve the experiences of families.This film tells the story of that work.

The Recognition Matters film is designed to be used as a teaching and training tool, and to be shared with families who are going through child welfare processes. The film and this briefing note together cover the key messages and perspectives from the Recognition Matters project and includes Azaria’s Story in full.

In this, Azaria recounts her experiences of pre-birth child protection and being part of a Family Group Conference for her child. She explains how important the relationships she built with professionals were for her, and for her family.

Period22 Jun 2020

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Media contributions

  • TitleRecognition Matters
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    PersonsMary Mitchell, Ariane Critchley-Morris