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This research briefing presents and summarises the findings of recent research by Jasmin Wertz et al, which explores the associative relationship between parents' genetics and their investment in their child's development. The research briefing includes brief comment from two of the original authors as well as positive expert and editorial comment which designates the research as representing 'an advance in evidence'. The original research article may be cited as follows: Wertz, J. et al. Genetic associations with parental investment from conception to wealth inheritance in six cohorts. Nat. Hum. Behav. (2023).

Period29 Jun 2023

Media coverage


Media coverage

  • TitleGenes influence parental investment in their child from conception to writing a will
    Media name/outletNature Human Behaviour
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    DescriptionA study of 30,000 parents across 6 international cohorts reveals that parental genes are linked with the investments that parents make in their offspring, from adopting more healthy behaviours during pregnancy to leaving wealth to adult children. The findings suggest that parental alleles that are not transmitted can affect children through influencing the environments that parents create for their children over the course of their lives.
    PersonsJasmin Wertz