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Description is a website that allows users to upload and share PowerPoint presentations and serves as a platform for educational and informative content. It's a free service that doesn't require registration to view or download presentations and allows users to embed presentations on their own websites. Using HTML5 technology, the site is compatible with multiple devices without the need for Flash or PowerPoint software. I recently discovered that the slides I used for a teacher training session had been uploaded by a participant. Slideplayer emphasises sharing on social networks and outlines its privacy policy, detailing its data protection practices and compliance with GDPR and CCPA. The site also provides information on cookies, data security and the handling of children's personal information. Users are encouraged to review the site's terms and conditions and privacy policy to understand data handling, user rights, and content ownership, and to ensure they are informed before uploading or sharing presentations. Although it was not my intention, as my slides were designed to be shared among teachers, uploading them to a site with a larger user base has in some ways extended the reach and impact of my research.

Period31 May 2018

Media contributions


Media contributions

  • TitleJapanese for Young Learners 6 week teacher CPL workshop
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    Country/TerritoryUnited Kingdom
    DescriptionThis material has been developed as a teacher training resource for primary and secondary language teachers with no previous experience of learning Japanese. The slides explain the features of Japanese phonology using real-life examples to help understand the characteristics of spoken Japanese and improve learning effectiveness in a short period of time. The introduction also touches on the educational context, including the number of learners of Japanese worldwide, the fact that Japanese is a widely studied language, and the availability of a wide range of free, high-quality teaching materials.
    PersonsYoko Sturt


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  • 1+2 Approach
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