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A long-standing challenge is to measure accurately the key parameters of turbulent multiphase flow at industrial scale, such as velocity, void fraction and mass flow rate. In February 2019, after a competitive worldwide tender, Fuji Electric Co. Ltd., a Japanese electrical equipment corporation, invested £300k for a commissioned research study led by Jiabin Jia. With Paul Tait working on it full-time, experimental campaigns were carried out in the wet-gas facility at TUV National Engineering Laboratory(NEL) in August 2019 and the wet-steam facility at Spirax Sarco at Cheltenham in October 2020.

The team has developed a low-cost and non-intrusive solution for wet-gas flow metering. The promising experimental results encourage the industrial funder to continue the field testing stage. Ultimately, Fuji Electric aims to utilise this novel metering solution in renewable energy settings.

Period29 Mar 2021

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