Women in sound: addressing the music industry’s gender gap

  • Linda O'Keeffe

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Period4 Oct 2017

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Media contributions

  • TitleWomen in sound: addressing the music industry’s gender gap
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    DescriptionWomen are severely underrepresented in the fields of sound and music technology. This downward trend of women’s participation is reflected across the science and technology subject areas. My research has shown that we need to start addressing the problem as early as possible by inspiring girls at secondary school. That’s where a little box of tricks comes in.

    In 2015, the organisation Women in Sound Women on Sound was established at Lancaster University as a space to showcase women’s contribution to computer music (the use of computer technology to compose and perform music), the sonic arts and sound studies. Since then, the network has collaborated with people from across the world to try and find innovative new ways to bridge the industry’s gender gap. What has emerged is that the move away from technology begins early in secondary school education. But at a series of workshops, teenage girls told us that they feel inspired when they see women working so confidently with technology.
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