A Linguistic Atlas of Older Scots: LAOS

  • Keith Williamson (Creator)



LAOS aims to present information about the variation in space and time of linguistic forms found in Older Scots texts. Older Scots conventionally covers the period 1150 to 1700, although the extant continuous texts date between 1380 and 1700. This first phase of the atlas covers the earlier period, 1380 to 1500. Also, the corpus of texts used in this version, 1.1, contains primarily ‘local documents’, i.e. writings which can be localized from internal, non-linguistic references. A sub-corpus of literary texts in manuscripts from the period before 1500 is in preparation. The aim is to add this to LAOS as time permits during the next two or three years (2008 - 2011).
Date made available7 Jan 2008
PublisherUniversity of Edinburgh

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