aNMJ-morph macro

  • Gavin Minty (Creator)
  • Alex Hoppen (Creator)
  • Ines Boehm (Creator)
  • Abrar Alhindi (Creator)
  • Larissa Gibb (Creator)
  • Ellie Potter (Creator)
  • Boris Wagner (Creator)
  • Janice Miller (Creator)
  • Richard Skipworth (Creator)
  • Tom Gillingwater (Creator)
  • Ross Jones (Creator)



# Contents #
1. aNMJ-morph macro;
2. aNMJ-morph tutorial video;
3. Reference images (20 sample NMJ images for use with aNMJ-morph);
4. Reference spreadsheet (data generated from aNMJ-morph analysis of the 20 sample NMJ images).


It is recommended that users of the aNMJ-morph macro are familiar with the original NMJ-morph workflow in a practical setting; please refer to the following publication for background details: "NMJ-morph reveals principal components of synaptic morphology influencing structure-function relationships at the neuromuscular junction" (Jones RA et al, Open Biology, 2016,

Data Citation

Minty, Gavin; Hoppen, Alex; Boehm, Ines; Alhindi, Abrar; Gibb, Larissa; Potter, Ellie; Wagner, Boris; Miller, Janice; Skipworth, Richard; Gillingwater, Tom; Jones, Ross. (2019). aNMJ-morph macro, [dataset]. University of Edinburgh.
Date made available30 Sep 2019
PublisherEdinburgh DataShare

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