Axial progenitors generate trunk neural crest cells at a high efficiency in vitro

  • Thomas Jr Frith (Creator)
  • Ilaria Granata (Creator)
  • Erin Stout (Creator)
  • Matthew Wind (Creator)
  • Oliver Thompson (Creator)
  • Dylan Stavish (Creator)
  • Paul R. Heath (Creator)
  • James Os Hackland (Creator)
  • Konstantinos Anastassiadis (Creator)
  • Mina Gouti (Creator)
  • James Briscoe (Creator)
  • Valerie Wilson (Creator)
  • Mario R Guarracino (Creator)
  • Peter Andrews (University of Sheffield) (Creator)
  • Anestis Tsakiridis (University of Sheffield) (Creator)


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  • 2018

    Human axial progenitors generate trunk neural crest cells in vitro

    Frith, T. J., Granata, I., Wind, M., Stout, E., Thompson, O., Neumann, K., Stavish, D., Heath, P. R., Ortmann, D., Hackland, J. O., Anastassiadis, K., Gouti, M., Briscoe, J., Wilson, V., Johnson, S. L., Placzek, M., Guarracino, M. R., Andrews, P. W. & Tsakiridis, A., 10 Aug 2018, In: eLIFE. 7, 27 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    Open Access