British Lop Pig genotypes



This dataset contains genotypes for 190 British Lop Pig samples genotyped with the Illumina PorcineSNP60v2 BeadChip, comprising 61,565 Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) spread throughout the entire genome. Genotypes are reported according to the Forward strand in the 10.2 Porcine assembly, but map positions were updated to the Sus Scrofa assembly 11.1.

Data Citation

Molano, Enrique; Banos, Georgios; Talenti, Andrea; Chatziplis, Dimitris. (2022). British Lop Pig genotypes, [dataset]. British Lop Pig Society, The Roslin Institute and Scotland‘s Rural College (SRUC).
Date made available27 Jun 2022
PublisherEdinburgh DataShare

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