Bursting equilibria and travelling waves in Kolmogorov flow

  • Jacob Page (Creator)
  • Michael P. Brenner (Creator)
  • Rich R. Kerswell (Creator)



This dataset contains equilibrium and travelling wave solutions for 2D Kolmogorov flow (monochromatically forced with wavenumber n=4) at a Reynolds number Re=40. These solutions are also documented in the manuscript “Revealing the state space of turbulence using machine learning” (in review) and have all been obtained from within intermittent bursting events.

Each solution is stored in a binary file containing a single record (a scalar vorticity field of dimension 128x128). Example python scripts are included which demonstrate how the files can be read and visualised.

Data Citation

Page, Jacob; Brenner, Michael P; Kerswell, Rich R. (2020). Bursting equilibria and travelling waves in Kolmogorov flow, [dataset]. University of Edinburgh. https://doi.org/10.7488/ds/2924
Date made available30 Jan 2022
PublisherEdinburgh DataShare

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