CANTERA Reduced Chemical Mechanism for Dimethyl Ether Combustion

  • Vlad Aparece-Scutariu (Creator)



The file contains a reduce chemical mechanism for Dimethyl ether-air combustion. It is a reduced mechanism containing 31 species and 82 reactions, converted from the CHEMKIN input file of Pan et al. [1]. The mechanism is derived from the detailed Dymethyl ether-air chemistry of Burke et al. [2].

## Format ##
The .cti file is a plain text file in the Cantera Thermodynamic Input format for use with the open-source Cantera chemical kinetics tools, see .

## References ##
[1] Pan, L., Kokjohn, S., & Huang, Z. (2015). Development and validation of a reduced chemical kinetic model for dimethyl ether combustion. Fuel, 160, 165-177.

[2] Burke, U., Somers, K.P., O’Toole, P., Zinner, C.M., Marquet, N., Bourque, G., Petersen, E.L., Metcalfe, W.K., Serinyel, Z. and Curran, H.J., 2015. An ignition delay and kinetic modeling study of methane, dimethyl ether, and their mixtures at high pressures. Combustion and flame, 162(2), pp.315-330.

Data Citation

Aparece-Scutariu, V (2020). CANTERA Reduced Chemical Mechanism for Dimethyl Ether Combustion, [dataset].
Date made available16 Oct 2020
PublisherEdinburgh DataShare

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