Carbon Electrode Test Structures and Electrochemical Results



1. Electrical sheet resistance data from micro-fabricated conductive carbon test structure prepared from standard photoresist materials.
2. Electrochemical characterisation of carbon micro electrodes prepared using the same processes as used for electrical test structures.


Conductive carbon films are highly attractive for use as electrodes in electrochemistry and biosensing applications. Patterned photoresist films can be transformed into carbon electrodes using standard photolithographic techniques followed by pyrolysation of the photoresist in a furnace under a reducing atmosphere. Previous studies have been made of the electrical properties of blanket carbon films created using this method of fabrication. However, there is a need to investigate pattern dependent effects, particularly the extent to which the dimensions of the patterned films shrink during the high temperature processing. This study applies microfabricated test structures to the process characterisation of conductive carbon produced from standard positive photoresists.

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University of Edinburgh. School of Engineering. (2016). Carbon Electrode Test Structures and Electrochemical Results, [dataset].
Date made available1 Apr 2016
PublisherUniversity of Edinburgh, School of Engineering

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