CARDAMOM Brazil C-cycle multi-DALEC, multi-CMIP6 scenarios (1x1 degree; monthly; 2001-2017)



Dataset continues CARDAMOM output for the calibration of 5 DALEC C-cycle models (M1-5) across Brazil for a 17 year period (2001-2017) at a monthly time step and 1 x 1 degree spatial resolution. The calibration used Earth Observation derived estimates of leaf area, above ground woody biomass and databased soil carbon stocks. The calibrated models were then projected to 2100 using 4 climate change scenarios drawn from the UKESM submission to CMIP6. The dataset includes C-stocks, fluxes and ecosystem properties along with their associated parameteric uncertainties. Separate files exist for each model, calibration period and climate change scenario. The multi-model ensemble provides a quantification of the role of model structural uncertainty allowing partitioning of the relative importance of parametric, model structure and climate change scenario uncertainties. This dataset is associated with a paper intended for submission to Earth System Dynamics. Smallman et al., (in prep) Parameter uncertainty dominates forecast error across Brazil for much of the 21st Century.

Data Citation

Smallman, Thomas Luke; Williams, Mathew. (2021). CARDAMOM Brazil C-cycle multi-DALEC, multi-CMIP6 scenarios (1x1 degree; monthly; 2001-2017), [dataset]. National Centre for Earth Observation; School of GeoSciences. University of Edinburgh.
Date made available15 Mar 2021
PublisherEdinburgh DataShare

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