CARDAMOM panarctic retrievals 2000-2015



The panarctic CARDAMOM outputs are derived from 1°x1° degree model-data fusion (MDF) analysis for 2000-2015. In each pixel, the DALEC2 ecosystem model is constrained by MODIS Leaf Area Index, Northern Circumpolar Soil Carbon Database (Hugelius et al., 2013) and biomass estimates (Carvalhais et al., 2014) using a Monte-Carlo Markov Chain (MDF) method. DALEC2 and the MDF approach are described in Bloom and Williams (2015) and Bloom et al. (2016). This dataset includes four netCDF files which report pixel-wise mean annual land-atmosphere carbon fluxes, carbon allocation to plant parts, vegetation and dead organic matter carbon pool sizes and transit times. Files include the pixel-wise uncertainty by reporting the median value as well as bounds of the 95%, 90% and 50% confidence intervals. References - Bloom, A. A., Exbrayat, J.-F., van der Velde, I. R., Feng, L., & Williams, M. (2016). The decadal state of the terrestrial carbon cycle: Global retrievals of terrestrial carbon allocation, pools, and residence times. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 113(5), 1285–1290. - Bloom, A. A., & Williams, M. (2015). Constraining ecosystem carbon dynamics in a data-limited world: integrating ecological “common sense” in a model–data fusion framework. Biogeosciences, 12(5), 1299–1315. - Carvalhais, N., Forkel, M., Khomik, M., Bellarby, J., Jung, M., Migliavacca, M., … Reichstein, M. (2014). Global covariation of carbon turnover times with climate in terrestrial ecosystems. Nature, 514(7521), 213–217. - Hugelius, G., Tarnocai, C., Broll, G., Canadell, J. G., Kuhry, P., & Swanson, D. K. (2013). The Northern Circumpolar Soil Carbon Database: spatially distributed datasets of soil coverage and soil carbon storage in the northern permafrost regions. Earth System Science Data, 5(1), 3–13.

Data Citation

Exbrayat, Jean-François; Williams, Mathew. (2018). CARDAMOM panarctic retrievals 2000-2015, 2000-2015 [dataset]. National Centre for Earth Observation and School of GeoSciences. University of Edinburgh.
Date made available4 Apr 2018
PublisherEdinburgh DataShare
Temporal coverage2000 - 2015
Geographical coverageTerrestrial panarctic

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