Characterisation of time-dependent mechanical behaviour of trabecular bone samples



Twenty (n=20) untreated bovine trabecular bone cylindrical samples (without any chemical treatment) were scanned by suing uCT at high resolution (17.22 µm), before mechanical tests. The bone volume ratio (BV/TV) ranged from 15% to 54%. The provided uCT images can be used for the development of finite element models of the bone microstructure and for evaluating indices of bone microstructure (e.g. bone volume ratio, fabric tensors). Samples were subjected to compressive multiple-load-creep-unload-recovery experiments, the raw experimental data is provided for any possible further analysis. This innovative creep-recovery experiments at multiple load levels, which considered compression force equivalent to different strain levels (from 2000 με to 25000 με), investigated the time-dependent behaviour of trabecular bone in pre- and post-yield regimes. The detailed experiment methodology can be found from related thesis chapter and the cited journal papers.

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Xie, Shuqiao; Wallace, Robert; Pankaj, Pankaj. (2018). Characterisation of time-dependent mechanical behaviour of trabecular bone samples, [dataset]. The University of Edinburgh. School of Engineering. Institute for Bioengineering.
Date made available18 Apr 2018
PublisherEdinburgh DataShare

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