Circadian expression of genes: modelling the Arabidopsis circadian clock





Our aim is to study the circadian expression of genes to aid in our attempt of modelling the Arabidopsis circadian clock. Circadian microarray data have previously been published for plants after white light (WL)-dark cycles, using the 8k chip (Harmer et al. 2000). We intend to repeat this experiment using the 26k chips and are coordinating with Dr. Harmer, who is pursuing complementary experiments in UC Davis. Plants will be transferred to continuous WL after entrainment to 12h:12h light dark cycles. RNAs will be harvested every 4 hours over two days, with the same accession and sampling intervals used previously by Harmer et al. The two days of sampling provide internal replication. Our experience shows that this is the most economical design: it is easier to identify rhythms over a two-day timecourse than in two replicates of a single day. Hence: 13 RNA samples on 13 chips in total.
Date made available2005
PublisherUniversity of Edinburgh

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